Welcome to Nguon Chhaihour E-Learning App

The purpose of creating the Nguon Chhaihour E-Learning App is to contribute to the promotion of human resources with the Royal Government by providing knowledge of English language skills.

A - Vision
Nguon Chhaihour E-Learning App will be the best online school that provides knowledge of English, especially the use of correct English grammar to people around the world.

B - Mission
To achieve the above vision, the program has set missions to strengthen students' basic English language skills such as writing skills, speaking skills, listening skills, and reading skills, the four types of learning methods are provided as follows:

  1. Video of paid courses
  2. Free Video
  3. Information
  4. E-books

All registered English language learners will be taught by Mr. Nguon Chhaihour, a teacher who specializes in English grammar and has many years of teaching experience.

If you want to download this app to use anywhere and anytime, please go to Play Store for Android phone or App Store for IOS by typing “Nguon Chhaihour” and then click download.


I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to English learners who have downloaded the Nguon Chhaihour E-Learning App. I am really delighted that I have the opportunity to teach you all through this new online app.

As you know, the English language plays an essential role in our lives as it helps in communication and is the main language for studying any subject worldwide, which is why this program is designed for those who want to acquire English language knowledge, especially Grammar. The registered students can access important information and paid video lessons via this online platform to study at home and elsewhere at any time, while non-registered users can only view free information.

To use the app, students, teachers, and the public need to download it by going to PlayStore for Android phones or AppStore for iOS and typing “Nguon Chhaihour”.

I believe that the Nguon Chhaihour E-Learning App will be the best program that is suitable for all learners.


Name: Nguon Chhaihour
Tel: +85516863914